Samsung Printer Support

Samsung printers are fast, versatile, and reliable. Samsung made printers for consumers and for business use also. There are different models according to the range. But they need maintenance from time to time so that your printer works without any hassle. However, sometimes you may face various issues due to unwanted errors that may get pop-up on the printer’s display panel and hinder your printing tasks. In order to fix such Samsung Printer error codes, then first you need to analyze their causes.

Common Issues Of Samsung Printer

  1. Scanning Error- When this error message is displayed on your printer screen then it means that there is problem with hardware. If cable is not of good quality then large data can’t be transmitted. Then you need to change USB cable.
  2. Paper Jam Error- When some bits of paper are stuck inside the printer then open your printer and clean the printer by taking out paper.
  3. Square prints- When printouts given by you are coming in square instead of regular text. This can be because of fire fox used by you. To get out from this issue reinstall all the drivers.
  4. Missing print- If prints are missing this could be because of incorrect paper size. For that go to settings and check your settings.
  5. Over loaded papers- If the paper tray is loaded with paper then you can get this message on your printer. To solve this issue, you have to update the drivers by going on Samsung site.
  6. Toner light is still on- When toner cartridge is changed but still toner light is on. Then you need to check fuse which will be located on the front side of the cartridge.

To solve your problem, you require best Samsung printer technical support. Samsung provides 24*7 customers support.

Samsung Printer Support

Samsung printer Error codes

  1. Error Code: H2- This error code means that there is problem with fuser. To fix this issue all the cables should be connected and nothing should be missing.
  2. Error Code: 24- This error code means that print job may be overloaded. Go to continue button and then try to reduce little amount of print job.
  3. Error Code: 50– When this error code appears then it means there is problem in fuser. This means fuser is not getting heat. To resolve this type of error code, turn off your Samsung printer and after 15 minutes switch on again. If problem is still there then your printer will show fault in fuser.
  4. Error Code: 16- This error code means that the toner inside the cartridge is not enough. Take out the cartridge and move it in front and back direction. If still this issue is not rectified then you need to replace your cartridge.

Issues Solved by Samsung Printer Experts

  1. Printer arrangement service will be given by Samsung printer to its customers.
  2. Wireless printer arrangement is also done.
  3. Drivers of the printers are being updated.
  4. If some error is showing on your printer then that error would be solved.
  5. When paper gets stick then that issue would be rectified.
  6. Troubleshooting of drivers and printer software will be done.
  7. When there is OS compatibility problem with printer that issue will also be solved by Samsun printer technicians.
  8. Your lost files or folders will be recovered and repaired.
  9. Samsung printer experts will setup and install new windows in your computer.
  10. If your Samsung printer is not printing then that issue will be resolved.

Support Provided by Samsung Printer

  1. Paper stuck issue will be resolved.
  2. Your Samsung printer will be opened and then it will be cleaned.
  3. If your printer is printing blank pages then that issue will be diagnosed.
  4. Provides best possible services for Samsung printers.
  5. Samsung experts will tell you how you can keep your printer safe from virus.
  6. Highly qualified and knowledgeable Samsung printer experts will rectify your issue.

Samsung team members have good experience in solving issues that are related to your Samsung printer. Our team also provides support to all the users whether they are suffering from online or offline problems.  Samsung printer Customer Team experts help their customers to clear their doubts. You can call the number to solve your problem. You can also email your issue to the Samsung support team is available 365 days and 24/7. For all types of issues or queries which are related to your Samsung printer contact at Samsung customer number. They will provide you best possible solution to your issue.