Lexmark Printer Support

Lexmark creates innovate imaging solutions and technologies.  It is developed in the various sizes and shapes according to the buyers need. Lexmark printer deals in printers as well as with print supply. It offers best printers at very cheap prices which can be used easily. Lexmark printers are best among all other brands whether you use in school, office or at home. But they require regular maintenance and support so that your printer works without any problem.

Issues of Lexmark Printers Support

  1. Paper Jams: The paper jam is the main issue that arises when you work on printer. This problem comes in most of the printers. In printers there are sensors which help printers to move the paper. If any sensor stops working then the process of moving paper will stop and paper will start jamming.
  2. Filling ink cartridge: When ink cartridge is replaced or it is filled again then your printer start facing many issues.
  3. Faded pages are printed: When your printer start printing faded pages then this problem may arise due to low ink.
  4. Slow printing speed: This is main issue which comes in Lexmark printer. So always print with lower quality and check it. In case your problem is not solved then you have to call Lexmark printer support team.
  5. Print sent to the wrong printer: When your system deletes your default printer settings then wrong printer message this come on your printer screen. This occurs when your system is updated. Then you need to reset your default printer.
  6. Problem in installing printer driver and software
  7. There must be issue with network connection
  8. The quality of your printing must be poor

To solve your problem you require best Lexmark printer technical support. Lexmark provides 24*7 customers support.

Lexmark printer Error Codes

  1. Error code: 200 and 201– Error 200 means that paper is blocked inside the printer and error 201 means that paper stuck between your printer’s sensors. To solve this error codes, you have removed all the bits of papers from printer.
  2. Error code: 80– Lexmark printer counts how many pages have been printed till now. When this error code appears on your printer screen then your printer will count maximum pages printed by your printer. To solve this error code, you need to buy maintenance kit and then change it.
  3. Error code: 900- This error occurs when there is network problem. When your printer is connected to computer then this error code will occur. When your computer and printer are not connected to each other and error code comes then there is problem with hardware. To resolve this issue check connection between your computer and printer.
  4. Error code: 901- There must be error with your engine. This error occurs when there are some faults in the engine. To solve this error code, switch off your printer for few minutes and then switch on after some time.
  5. Error code: 902– When engine board software is not properly working then switch off your printer for 5 minutes and then on your printer.
  6. Error code: 903, 904, 905 and 906– When this error code appears on your printer screen then it means that there is fault in the printer’s system board. To resolve this issue, turn off your printer for 10 minutes.  When error is not there print some pages.

Features provided by Lexmark printer to customers

  1. Provides best solutions
  2. There are certified and experienced Lexmark printer technical support team
  3. Give immediate solutions to Lexmark printer driver problems
  4. Provides best possible solutions for printer tray error
  5. All malfunctioning issues are resolved.
  6. Gives instant support for Lexmark printer spooler problem
  7. Also provides setup and configuration support
  8. Provides printer software assistance to their customers

Support provided by Lexmark printer

  1. A dedicated team is available 365 days to give instant solutions to their customers.
  2. Guaranteed customer assistance for Lexmark Printer are provided.
  3. Shortest waiting period to access your experts.
  4. Professional advice is given by Lexmark team
  5. Provides instant access to the tech support by giving:
  6. Email support