Lexmark Printer Setup and Installation

Lexmark creates innovate imaging solutions and technologies. Lexmark printers are first choice of consumers. Lexmark printer deals in printers as well as with print supply. It offers best printers at very cheap prices which can be used easily. Lexmark printers are best among all other brands whether you use in school, office or at home. But they require regular maintenance and support so that your printer works without any problem. Due to easy installation procedure one can set up and install printers themselves.

Setup and Insallation process for Lexmark printer

  1. First you need to switch off all the applications before you insert CD in the drive.
  2. Then you have to insert CD in the CD drive and when your Lexmark icon displays till then you have to keep your CD inside the CD drive.
  3. After that you need to double click on the icon which will start installation process. Then message will display on your printer screen to install the printer.
  4. Then click on install option after that you have to click on OK button and starting page will appear.
  5. Go through the files and click on Continue button which will take you to License Agreement Screen.
  6. In whichever language you are comfortable select that and then click on Agree button. At last, you have to click on continue and select the location to install software. After selecting you just need to click on continue button.
  7. And then click on Install. At last, you have to click continue and then click on Finish.
  8. Click on Close button to close the installer.

How to connect Lexmark printer to computer without CD

  1. Firstly, you have to connect computer and Lexmark printer to same wireless network.
  2. Then click on start button and move to control panel there you need to set computer settings. Your Lexmark printer should be on.
  3. Then your computer will take some time to find Lexmark printer and on your screen message will appear.
  4. Then you need to find name of your printer.
  5. Click on start button to install printer. When installation is completed then again you have to switch on your computer and whatever changes you want to do in your computer and in printer do them.
  6. In case you are not having CD then in that case you just need to go on Lexmark website and there search your device name with the model number after that go to the downloads section. There will be all the drivers available download them and install and then you can use your device.

How to install Lexmark printer on Windows 7, 8 and 10?

  1. On your computer you have to go on start button there will be menu option and you need to type Devices and printers in the search box.
  2. In the list of Devices and printers click on Add a Printer option.
  3. Then your computer will find out the printer.
  4. After that click on option saying ‘’Add a local printer’’.
  5. Then you have to click on “Create a new port’’ which will be connected to Ethernet.
  6. Then list will be visible in which you have to select IP port and click on next.
  7. If you want to select driver then you need to tap on the check box saying ‘’Query the printer and select the driver’’.
  8. Write the name of host and port number and click on next button.
  9. Then click on window update page.
  10. When your update is finished you have to select Lexmark printer and driver from the list and click on next button.
  11. Choose your driver. But it is advised to use latest driver which is installed.
  12. Select name for your printer and then click on next button.
  13. Then select and click on default printer.  After this step test print will appear which will tell you whether your driver is installed correctly or not.
  14. At last, click on finish button and then your Lexmark printer is ready to use.

How to download Lexmark printer installation software?

  1. Go to Lexmark printer support and then download web page.
  2. Whichever printer you have click on that like color laser or All in one inkjet.
  3. Then go to next page and choose your printer’ model. In case you don’t remember the model number then check it in manual book.
  4. After this go to downloads and there you have to click drop down menu option.
  5. Then there you will get link saying complete drivers and software you have to click on that link. If your printer is old then link will say complete your installation package.
  6. At last, you have to click on download and save your file. When download is over then double click on file to start.

Technical support for Lexmark printer setup and installation 

If you still find difficulty in installing Lexmark printer then you can contact at toll-free phone number. Lexmark printer customer service is available 24*7.