Installing Drivers of Brother printer on the MAC OS without any CD

Installing Drivers of Brother printer on the MAC OS

About : Installing Drivers of Brother printer on the MAC OS

Brother printer is one of the best printers for commercial use in small as well as big organizations. Users can easily manage and print, scan and copy their documents via it. In order to access all features of Brother printer then you need to installation its latest drivers on the Mac OS. For any help regarding the installation and download process then you can refer below mentioned steps.

Why ins

  1. There might be possibility that the connection is weak or the host device is disconnected.
  2. This can occur as a result of wrong settings orconfiguration on the printer driver.

Easy ways for installing the driver on the Mac OS without using CD

  • The screen size may vary as that depends on the operating system and type of brother machine.
  • Then you need to disconnect the power cord from the printer’s rear and wall outlet.

Unplug the interface cable from the power socket.

  1. For all USB users:
    • First you need to connect the USB cable to the device and then turn it ON.

Linking the device to the PC by using the USB cable

  1. For the wired network users:
    • First connect/link the network cable to the server and printer.
    • Turn ON the brother machine after plugging it to the power socket.
  2. For all the wireless network users:
    • After plugging the brother machine to the power socket, turn ON the power.
    • Once done, now configure the device on the server.
    • For more details on how to configure your brother machine, go through your setup guide or networks user guide, which is available in your manual.
  3. Go to the Apple Menu section and click on system preferences.
  4. Select from the following option:
  5. Print and fax
  6. Printers and scanners
  7. Print and scan
  8. Press the + key from your keyboard
  9. Go to the default option and select your brother machine that you have attached to your system from the printer’s name list.
  10. Confirm your printer from the list by selecting from the option print using or use.
  11. Press the add option from the menu.
  12. For the users who are using the CUPS Driver:
  13. From the list of print options, you need to check that you have chosen the “XXXXXXX” and CUPS.
  14. Users using the postscript driver (for selective models)
    • Ensure that XXXXXXX PS or XXXXXXX BR-Scripts is present for the print using or use section. Note: Consider “XXXXXXX” as a model name.
    • You need to properly connect the power cord to the rear of the printer. Note: Avoid the USB cable at this point. Then restart your device and then go to the “printer network drivers” options.Then from listed options, tap on the “configure”. Once done, now hit the Brother printer “peer-to-peer network” option.
    Note: Brother printer is compatible with the Mac. Once you install the drivers, settings up the printer is easy.
    • Unlike window PCs,Mac OS allows you to plug-in any printer and it will automatically install its drivers without any requirement of the external tool like CD disc.

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Why brother printer not respond to Mac?

There are various possibilities by which your device is not responding or stop’s printing. The very common type of error is basically due to the connectivity lag between the printer and the system. In order to fix this, you need to check and examine printer’s settingsandconfigurated drivers. You can also take help of given below steps in troubleshooting the connectivity problem.

  1. Check and ensure the connectivity.
  2. Also ensure that your printer is ON and working efficiently.
  3. Always check that you have latest and updated drivers.
  4. Examine that the print queue is ready.
  5. Attempt a test print.
  6. Delete the printer.
  7. Add the printer using bonjour.

Technical support for brother wireless printer driver

If you continue facing the “Drivers installation” problem then you can get in touch instantaneously with the customer support and get the feasible solutions over the driver’s installation issue. Brother customer support team provides its users 24/7 support. Brother customer support team gets connected to you via phone or chat and guide you step by step so that you can operate Brother printer efficiently and securely.