HP Printer Error “Remove and Check Cartridge on Right”

You may face many issues while working on hp printer and one most common error that users encounter is printer error, which is HP Printer Error remove and check cartridge on right. We will discuss how to troubleshoot this error.


Once the cartridge is inserted you will see the message popping up on the printer’s top at LCD panel: Remove and Check Cartridge. The printer will not print. Though you won’t be able to know which cartridge has to be changed whether left or right. You won’t be able to get the clear indication from this message that why the error is occurring and due to which cartridge.


  • You will be indicated by the message that the printer is not able to determine the cause of the error and because of which cartridge. By following the steps mentioned below you will be able to do that:
  • Check if you could resolve the issue by getting the firmware update download:
  1. Take out the cartridges by opening the printer and without turning the power off. By referring “How to remove and reseat cartridges” section, you can get the detailed instructions
  2. Get the printer closed and ensure that empty carriages are relatched
  3. Then, relatch and reinsert the cartridges by opening the printer
  4. Shut-off the printer and observe LCD display
  5. If no error is shown then it means that original cause of the error was resolved by the firmware update of HP. Error may be resolved but there are the chances that you may face it again, or some other problem for example slow speed of printing. By downloading the firmware update you can easily get rid of this problem.
  6. If you see the same error message on LCD again then it means the problem was not fixed by the update done by firmware. Though with this update you can easily get the solution for all other problems, you can install it as per your convenience.
  • If the solutions provided above, didn’t help you get the desired results, then follow these steps, it will provide you clarity that due to which cartridge the error is occuring:
  • By refastening the latch take right cartridge out. Don’t touch the left cartridge and keep it as it is at its place
  • Then turn off the printer and wait for few seconds, around 10-15, and observe it’s LCD display
  • If you see Insert Right Cartridge flashing on the display then the problem may be caused due to the right cartridge. These steps will help you in overcoming the problem:
  • Get the contacts of right cartridge cleaned, by following these steps:

To get the cartridge cleaned make sure that these items are readily available:

  • You should have distilled water and if in case it is not available, make use of filtered water. Keep cotton swabs, a clean one, or a material that is lint-free and so that it does not get stuck into cartridges
  • Get the cartridge with problem removed
  • After that keep cartridge on the paper and make sure that it’s nozzle plate is kept in a way that its face is directed upward
  • Then ensure that unit power cord is unplugged
  • Dip the cleaning material, be it a cotton swab or lint free material, lightly in clean water
  • Clean cartridge contacts carefully. Do not touch nozzles, avoid doing that. Make sure that cleaning material is changed, once it turns dirty
  • Make sure that the parts are dried properly before the cartridges are reinserted
  • Right cartridge should be inserted back into carriage and then grey latch should be closed
  • Turn the printer off and keep waiting for 10-15 seconds
  • If Remove and Check Cartridge flashes on the LCD then ensure that right cartridge is replaced

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