HP Printer Error Blue Screen

HP Printer Error blue screen is the issue that occurs when you update your router firmware. Generally this error is noticed while using the wireless network for printer. You will notice that as soon as you try to get your printer connected with the wireless network, the issue of, hp printer error blue screen, will arise. Either your printer will be freezed or lights present on control panel will start blinking. Another issue that you may face is, printer is freezed and blue screen error is displayed on control panel. You can resolve the error by following the steps mentined below:

HP-Printer-Error Blue-Screen

Step 1: Router firmware needs to be updated

By updating the router with the new firmware update, you may get the issue resolved. You can update your router firmware conveniently by getting in touch with router manufacturers or ISP.

  • If you find that the router firmware you are using is outdated, then follow the instructions present on the screen so that your firmware is updated, after that try reconnecting it with the available wireless network. If the issue is not resolved then follow and implement the step 2 as well
  • In case you have an updated router firmware and the issue still exists then move towards the second step

Step 2: Look for the IP Address of your router

You will be able to find the IP Address of your router through any device or computer that has windows and is wirelessly connected to the router already

  • For the Command Prompt, search the Windows and after then get the Command Prompt open, which is present in the search results list
  • Then type ipconfig in the window of Command Prompt and hit the Enter button
  • Then scroll the mouse upwards and find the section where settings of Wireless LAN are present in list
  • Note down the details such as Subnet Mask, Default Gateway and IPv4 Address. These details may be required later

Step 3: Restoring the default network of the Printer

In order to ensure that your printer is error free and also does not have any bad or faulty wireless network connection.

Step 4: Use WiFi Direct or HP Wireless Direct and get your printer connected

With WiFi Direct and HP Wireless Direct your printer will be allowed to broadcast the wireless connection but a limited one. The wireless connection can be used for accessing the network setting of the printer by making use of EWS which stands for embedded web server

Step 5: Assigning the IP Address to the printer

Assign the network settings by using EWS printer, which is compatible with Ubee router

  1. Open any of the web browser, be it a Firefox or Internet Explorer and in address line type In browser window you will see that the printer’s website is displayed. If your site is not opening properly and correctly then try opening it with another browser. Ensure that your system is connected with the  Wi-Fi Direct or HP Wireless Direct connection
  2. Then click on the tab of Network and after that choose the Network Address from the navigation bar present at side
  3. Then click on the Manual IP
  4. Then ensure that you fill up the three fields that are on top for Manual IP Address by making use of Manual IPv4 address’s top 3 numbers, that are written by you in the Step 1, Find your router IP Address
  5. Then use any of the number coming between the 240-254 to fill up the Manual IP Address that is fourth in number. This number should be different from the IPv4 address’s fourth number, which you wrote earlier
  6. Now use the similar information as you wrote in Step 1: Find your router IP Address, to fill the fields of Manual Default Gateway and Manual Subnet Mask
  7. After that, enter the values same as used in Manual Default Gateway to be filled in Manual Preferred DNS Server field
  8. After that click on Apply
  9. Then turn the router on and wait for the network to come
  10. Then, go to your system, from the navigation bar, click on the Wireless (802.11) present in EWS window
  11. Click on the Wireless Setup Wizard and keep following the instructions so that your printer is connected with the router
  12. Then reconnect the system with the wireless network present in the Windows

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