Fixing HP Printer Attention Required Error

Fixing HP Printer Attention Required Error

What is the HP printer Attention Required Error?

HP printers are popular printers used by many people. In HP printers its reliability is very high. HP printer is an electronic device which can stop working sometime by having best features in it. When you are printing or scanning something then you can face printer attention required error problems on your HP printer. In HP ‘’printer attention required’’ error is very common and occurs when the printer is physically having problems. When this error is displayed on your printer it means there are connection problems between printer and computer. 

Causes of HP Printer Error

  1. Low ink level- TO solve this problem take out ink cartridges from the printer and shake it for some time.
  2. Printer cable problem
  3. Hardware problem
  4. Low paper

Here are Methods to fix HP Printer Error. 

These methods will help you to fix HP attention required errors.

Method 1– Solving your HP printer issue.

Here are some steps to solve your problem.

  1. First you need to start your system (computer).
  2. After that you need to hit the window tab to proceed further.
  3. After that you have to type the “Printer” in the search box and press the enter button.
  4. Now, you need to select the “Find and fix problems” tab from the listed option on the display screen.
  5. Once the “Find and fix problems” tab will get open, now you need to search the “Advanced” option.
  6. Click the ‘’automatically apply repairs’’ option.
  7. After this click the ‘’Run as admin’’ option.
  8. Then click the name of your printer.
  9. Once done with the above mentioned steps, you need to hit the “continue” tab to proceed further.

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Method 2- Update HP printer driver
  • First you need to start your computer.
  • After that, On your keyboard press the windows key.
  • In the search box type device manager.
  • Now from listed options on the display screen, you need to click on the “Device Manager”.
  • When you click on this option, there will be a list. Find the name of the printer that you are using and want to update the printer driver.
  • Select the name and then right –click on it.
  • Now click and press on the “Update driver Software” option from the list
  • After this click on ‘’search for updated driver software’’.
  • An installation process will now take place
Method 3- Using “HP printer scan doctor” application
  • Search website for HP printers.
  • Now from the home page window, you need to click on the “printer and scan doctor” option for downloading.
  • Once the file gets downloaded successfully, now follow pop-up instructions on the display screen for downloading the “printer and scan doctor” application.
  • At last you will get instructions to fix your problem.
Method 4- Create a TCP/IP Port
  • First you have to turn ON your computer and then you need to hit on Windows Key
  • After that go to the “control Panel” of your computer and click on the printer’s icon.
  • Then there you will get ‘’Devices and Printers’’. 
  • After that press the Right –click on it to get access to the “Printer Properties’’ tab.
  • Click ‘’Ports tab’’ and after this select ‘’Add port’’ option.
  • Then you have to select an IP port.
  • After that you need to click and select on the “New port” option.
  • Type the former IP address of HP printer and then tap on “Next ‘’ to continue.
  • Now, a list will appear. Now, hit the new standard TCP/IP Port. 
  • After that, hit the ‘’OK’’ button to continue with the further procedure.
  • Now, restart your system as well as the HP printer.
  • Once completed above steps, you need to print a test page again. In case you find the same issue with the test page then you may proceed to the next Method.

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 HP printer Attention Required Message on windows 7, 8 and 10

  • Recheck ink levels
  • Check the connectivity 
  • Check and restart print spooler service
  • Run the printer troubleshooter
  • Update drivers

Technical support for HP Printer Attention Required message 

If the problem is still there then contact at email at , And for feedback and complaints email to , to get accurate solutions to your problems HP provides its users 24/7 customer care support managed by the Account Pro team. HP customer support team get connected to you via phone or chat and guide you step by step so that you can operate HP software efficiently and securely.