HP Officejet 4620 is not Printing Black Ink

HP Officejet 4620 is not Printing Black Ink

What is HP Officejet 4620 Not Printing Black

HP printer is a user-friendly device which helps provide a hassle-free user experience. It is designed to work in a smooth manner so that the end user can use it even at home, small workplaces or for students. But at times there are certain errors that take place in any device because of some minor ignorance which can result in halting the printing process. HP printer specially makes a persistent and systematic representation of graphics and text, usually on paper. Most HP printers will include an Align print head option on their printer maintenance or tools control panel menus that users can calibrate them with.Get help Printer Expert Contact

Causes of Not Printing Black in HP Officejet 4620

  • Low or empty ink cartridges can cause print quality issues.
  • Missing or outdated drivers can lead to not printing.
  • HP Printer not printing black problem may occur due to there is a blockage in the printer head vent.
  • If the cartridge is damaged then the printer won’t print black.


Below are Mentioned steps to Eliminate this Error:

Time needed: 15 minutes.

  1. Fix – Cartridge blockage removal

    There are simple steps to remove the blockage caused which results in not printing black. The following stepwise method helps provide a solution to this error.
    This HP printer not printing black error or problem may occur because of a blockage in the printer head vent. So whenever there is a blockage then your printer head is unable to print with black color or any other color. To fix this, here are the given instructions.
    ☑ Switch on your HP printer
    ☑ Open the cartridge panel of your HP printer.
    ☑ Let your printhead reset itself.
    ☑ Remove the color units and the print head.
    ☑ Ensure that it is cleaned properly with water and make sure to dry it with a clean cloth.
    ☑ After cleaning and during, place it in the HP printer.
    ☑ After completing this process, put all those accessories in their places.
    ☑ Check printing quality with a test print.

  2. Fix – Use printer’s tool option

    Examine the cartridge ink
    ☑ Keep the printer switched on.
    ☑ Open the hood of the printer cartridge panel.
    ☑ Take out ink cartridges and also replace the empty cartridges case with new and good condition cartridges.
    ☑ Use the printer screen 
    ☑ Locate (-) sign on the screen (Left corner)
    ☑ Look for the tool option by using the side directional arrow.
    ☑ Hit ok on the tool option.
    ☑ Now, check the ink level of the cartridge by selecting the option to examine the ink.

    Use the self –regulating cleaning tool
    ☑ Use printer screen again
    ☑ Select (-) sign and use the directional arrow to get back to the tool option.
    ☑ Go to the tool option and click OK.
    ☑ Use the right arrow and locate the print head cleaning option.
    ☑ The print head will take some time to clean itself.
    ☑ When you complete the process of cleaning, there will be a test print and you will be able to check whether the error is resolved or not.
    If you have followed both steps properly then your HP printer not printing black problem will get resolved. But if the error still exists then follow the below steps:
    ☑ Check the quality of the test print by again going back to the tool option.
    ☑ Go to the print quality report by using the directional arrow.
    ☑ You’ll use the directional arrow and select the print quality report.

  3. Fix – Remove the defective ink cartridges and Alignment process

    ☑ Power on your HP printer
    ☑ Open up the printer panel and let the cartridge transit to the center.
    ☑ Take out the ink units out of the slots by gently pressing on them.
    ☑ You have to examine the expiration date. If the units are expired then replace them with ones.
    ☑ Close down the printer panel.
    ☑ Look for the information demo on the printer screen, there will be multiple information such as paper loading, color units and so on.
    ☑ Hit OK for the entire information demo.
    ☑ After that the printer will automatically restarts and initiate the alignment.
    ☑ Now you need to take out a test print and place it on the scanner.
    ☑ Information will pop on the printer screen. Hit OK on it.
    ☑ Now, your printer will be aligned completely.

In this post we explained HP Officejet 4620 is not Printing Black Ink , hopefully it is useful now we are discussed another problem which is related to the HP Printer click now for more info- Fixing Printing Blank Pages Issue On HP Printers

Technical support for HP Printer not printing black ink

Even if after doing all these steps the issue is not resolved then you can contact the expert technical team of the HP printer and you can reach them by calling Printer Expert Contact or Visit- https://repairprinter.co/hp-printer/