How to Repair HP Printer Error Code 49

Printer being a machine can falter anytime without any prior notice. However, one thing good about HP Printer is that almost all its falters have been identified and codified. The errors have been codified through either numeric or alphanumeric codes each of which has a specific indication as to which part of the printer has faltered. Error Code 49 is a tricky error and generally indicates communication errors. The error 49 is difficult to solve as quite a few factors could lead to Error 49. Few of them are temporary and can be solved by a simple reboot while there could be permanent errors also which can be solved only by a hardware replacement. In this article, we will try to address almost all the causes for an Error 49.

HP Printer-Error-Code-49

How to Fix HP Printer Error 49?

Step 1: Consider the error as temporary and proceed.

First of all, consider the error as a temporary error to proceed. Follow the following steps. If the error is a temporary error then it should get sorted by this simple reboot.

  • Turn off the printer
  • Unplug the printer from the network or the computer as the case may be.
  • Cancel all the pending print files.
  • Now reboot the printer.
  • If the error was a temporary error then it should get resolved by this reboot. Reconnect the Printer to the Network or the Computer and then restart the printer. If the error 49 still appears means the error is not a temporary error. Go to the Step 2.

Step 2: Corrupted Driver or a mismatched driver.

Try to recollect whether the Error 49 appears only in certain print jobs or in all print jobs. For Example, while printing from particular software or some complex document. If yes then there are chances that a corrupted or a mismatched driver has been assigned to the printer. The faulty driver confuses the printer leading to Error 49. Follow the following steps to solve the Error 49 caused due to the assignment of the faulty driver to the printer.

  • Download and Install PCL5 Driver or PostScript Driver.
  • Replace it with the existing driver.
  • This might take quite a few experiments before having a successful replacement.
  • Restart the printer and give the print job to see if the error has been taken care of.

Step 3: Corrupted JetDirect Network card.

Error 49 can also occur if the JetDirect network card has been corrupted. This can be tested by simply bypassing the network card and giving the same print jobs again to see if they can be printed if taken out of the network. If yes then it indicates that the JetDirect Network card has been corrupted.

  • Replace the JetDirect Network card.
  • If the printer doesn’t have a JetDirect card and the network port has been directly soldered on the system, then the whole formatter assembly will have to be replaced.

Step 4: If the accessory or memory chip installed in the formatter slots fails, would lead to error 49.

Many times the optional accessories installed on the Printer corrupts which leads to error 49. For Example, if an external hard drive is attached or a memory card has been installed on the printer and if that fails then it would confuse the printer leading to error 49. Try removing the external accessories and give the print job again. If the problem is solved then it would mean that any of the accessories has corrupted.

Step 5: Failed formatter

There are certain models of the HP Printers which are very notorious and known for the formatter failures. While there are certain models in which the formatter never fails. The Formatter is a circuit board that receives the print orders from the computers and passes on to the printer. The models which are famous for their formatter failure are HP LaserJet P3005, LaserJet P3005D, LaserJet P3005N, LaserJet P3005DN, LaserJet P3005X, LaserJet P2015, LaserJet M2727, LaserJet M3027, and LaserJet M3035. If your printer is one of the aforesaid mentioned models, then there is a high probability of formatter getting failed. Replacing the same will solve your HP Printer Error  Codes 49.

If however, you have any query in the aforesaid mentioned steps or if you are unable to solve your error even after following the steps mentioned above, Please feel free to call us on our HP Printer Technical Support Toll-Free Number.

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