How to Fix HP Printer K209a Error “E”

After installing an HP printer’s cartridge often a cartridge error may appear in the k209a all-in-one inkjet printers. The cartridge error displays on the screen and the amber attention light blinks, an exclamation light blinks above the estimated ink level message and the letter ‘E’ displays in the number of copies icon. This obviously does not allow the printer to print anything.

HP-Printer- K209a-Error

The following methods can be followed to troubleshoot the error.

Step1- Identification of the cartridge which has the issue

  • If the (!) mark blinks above the colour ink level then you need to replace the color ink cartridge
  • If the (!) mark blinks above the black ink level then you need to replace the black colour ink cartridge.

Step 2- Manually determine the problem cartridge

  1. Turn on the printer and open the cover of the printer to access the cartridge area.
  2. Wait til the carriage comes to a complete stop and is idle
  3. Press down on one of the cartridges and pull it out gently from its slot.
  4. Do not remove both the cartridges
  5. Close the cartridge access area
  6. After closing the cartridge access door if the computer still displays Print error then it is the other cartridge which has the issue
  7. If after removing the other cartridge displays the missing or incorrect installation of cartridge then you have removed the correct cartridge
  8. The problem cartridge needs to be replaced with a new one
  9. After installing the new cartridge try to take a print, if it fails you need to continue the troubleshooting message

Step 3- Remove, inspect and reset the cartridges

  1. Press the power button and switch on the printer
  2. Open the front access door and wait till the carriage moves to one side and it is silent and idle
  3. Press down on one of the cartridges and release it from its slot and remove it
  4. Check the electrical contacts of the cartridge for any debris
  5. Remove the debris with a clean cotton and remove any protective layer that might be remaining on the cartridge
  6. Insert the cartridges back into the designated slot. There is a black icon to indicate the position to insert the black cartridge and the magenta half circle icon designates the slot for the colour cartridge to be inserted.
  7. The cartridge should be inserted at a slight upward angle.
  8. Close the cartridge access door
  9. Try to print a test document and if the steps resolve the issue, there is no need to further troubleshoot. If this method does not resolve the issue then further troubleshooting is necessary.

Step 4- Clean the cartridge contacts

  1. Gather the following items to clean the cartridges
  • Clean cotton swabs or any piece of clean soft cloth
  • Distilled clean water
  • A piece of paper to rest the cartridges on after cleaning
  1. Press the power button of the printer and open the cartridge access door
  2. Wait till the cartridge is silent and idle
  3. Press and gently remove the cartridges from its position
  4. Hold the cartridges by its side and dip the clean rubber swab into the water and clean the cartridges.
  5. Clean only the copper colour contacts
  6. Allow the cartridges to dry out for ten minutes
  7. Hold the cartridges with the HP logo on top and insert it into its slot. Push the cartridge till its firmly into its place
  8. Close the front access door of the cartridge area
  9. Reconnect the power cord to the printer and try to print a test document
  10. If the issue does not resolve with this method its best to follow the next steps mentioned.

Step 5- Check the cartridge

Sometimes if you are using an incompatible cartridge replace them with the genuine cartridge supplies sold by the company

  1. Open the front access door of the printer
  2. Wait till the cartridges are silent and idle
  3. Release the cartridges from its slot
  4. Find the number on the label of the cartridge and make note of the cartridge number printed on the label of each cartridge
  5. Make sure that the cartridges are compatible. If the issue does not resolve it means that these cartridges are not compatible and you need to remove them.
  6. Replace the cartridge with new ones. If the issue remains unresolved you need to continue troubleshooting

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