How Do I Clean The PrintHead on My HP Officejet Pro 8500?

Cleaning process utilizes ink, so clean the printheads only when required. The cleaning process takes a few minutes and generates some noise. Make sure to load paper before starting the cleaning of printheads.

PrintHead-on-My HP-Officejet-Pro- 8500

The process to clean printhead on HP Officejet Pro 8500

Step one: Cleanse the electrical contacts on the printhead

Electrical contacts consist of sensitive electronic elements that harm easily.

  1. Gather the below materials:
    • Soft, Dry, soft, lint-free cloth materials (eyeglass-cleaning fabrics are also going to work).
    • Clean paper sheets or paper towels.
  2. Pull up the carriage door.
  1. Push the resume key and hold it for five secs.
  2. The carriage moves to the left side of the printer.
  3. Detach the power cable from the product.
  1. Pull the printhead blue handle residing inside the printer.
  1. Pull the printhead handle, and then pull it out from its slot.
  2. Grasp the printhead from both sides and cleanse the electrical contacts with a clean cloth

Note: Make sure you to avoid using water or touching the nozzles or using any other cleaning supplies.

  1. Place the printhead on a paper towel with the nozzles being facing upwards direction.
  2. If essential, repeat the steps mentioned above to print the additional printheads.

Step two: Putting back the printhead correctly

  1. After wiping the electrical parts, now its time to put back the printhead in the printer
  1. Attach the power cable to the printer.
  2. If the printer does not switch on automatically, switch it on by pressing the power button,
  3. On the control panel, ‘Printhead is missing’ message will appear.
  4. Grasp the printhead from both sides and put it in the slot as per its color-codes
  • Put the Yellow/Black printhead on the left side of the slot.
  • Put the Cyan/Magenta printhead on the right of the slot.
  1. Repeat above steps to put the additional printhead into their respective slots.
  2. Pull the printhead handle frontward, and then press down to entirely fit into the handle.
  3. Close the printer cover.
  4. Wait for around 20 secs for the printer to adjust the printheads
  5. Finally, print an alignment page.

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