Fix HP Printer Error Code 59.F0

We as technicians understand that Printer being a machine can falter at any time without giving any prior notice leaving you in a fix. Most of the errors are identified errors and hence codified. Each error is codified through numeric or alphanumeric codes giving an indication as to which part of the printer has faltered. While most of the errors can be solved by your own self a few errors would require technical help. HP Printer Error Codes 59.F0 corresponds to Transfer Alienation Failure wherein the Intermediate Transfer Belt (ITB) is stuck and unable to rotate or may be the SR9 sensor which is responsible for the primary transfer roller disengagement has failed. In this article we will guide you on solving the 59.F0 error.

HP-Printer- Error-Code-59.F0

How to fix the HP Printer Error Code 59.F0.?

The following are the steps to be performed to solve 59.F0 error code.

Step 1: Reseat ITB

The first step is to reseat the Intermediate Transfer Belt (ITB).

Step 2: Check Connection of sensor SR9.

Next check the connection to sensor SR9. This sensor controls the Primary Transfer Roller Disengagement and is connected at the Connector J19. Also check the connections to the DC controller.

Step 3: Manually check the ITB gear and Flag.

If the problem still persists then completely remove the ITB from the unit and test the gear and the flag manually. Follow the following steps for the testing of the same.

  • Rotate the gear and see if the flag actuates when the white gear is rotated.
  • If the ITB flag is broken or damaged or If it doesn’t actuate then replace the ITB.
  • Restart the printer and see if the problem is resolved

If the ITB flag is proper or if the problem still persists, then go to the next step.

Step 4: Manually test the sensor

Test the SR9 sensor manually by using the Manual Sensor Test and also check the SR9 Flag. Follow the following steps for the SR9 testing.

  • Remove the ITB and locate the SR9 sensor in the cavity.
  • Select the Home button on the Control panel. Press the down arrow keys until it highlights the Diagnostics Menu. Press OK.
  • Now Select Manual Sensor test and again press OK.
  • Inside the ITB cavity press up and release the SR9 Flag to actuate the sensor.
  • While the sensor is being pressed and released check for the response on the control panel. Check if the sensor value is between 0 and 1. (0 being the normal state).
  • If the value is not between 0 and 1 means that the sensor has failed. Replace the sensor.
  • Now select Exit diagnostics and press OK to exit.

If however, the sensor SR9 is working properly then go to the next step.

Step 5: Perform Fuser motor Component Test

Follow the following steps to perform the Fuser Motor Component Test.

  • Remove the Fuser.
  • Deactivate the Right Door safety switch (Upper Left area) by inserting a folded paper or a stiff. Also deactivate the Right Door Logic Switch (Below the fuser at the right) by covering the switch with a tape while the switch is still down.
  • Now press Home Button on the Control Panel and press the down arrow till it highlights Diagnostics menu. Press OK to select it. Now select Component Test and in it the Fuser Motor Test. Press OK.
  • If the Fuser Motor is working properly then select ITB Contract Test and press Ok.
  • During the test observe the alienation drive hub which is located above the Cyan Cartridge. If the test fails or if the alienation driver hub does not rotate then replace the Fuser Driver assembly.
  • Now check the connection again to the J19 connector and J128 controller on the DC. Reinstall the ITB.
  • Remove the folded paper and the tape installed to deactivate the Right door safety switch and the Right Door logic switch. Reinstall any other component removed during the test.

Check the printer now. If the error still persists then replace the DC Controller. In most cases, the 59.F0 error is solved by fuser Driver replacement.

If however, the problem still persists or you have any confusion while following any of the aforesaid mentioned steps then please feel free to contact us anytime.

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