Fix HP Officejet Pro 6830 Printer Printhead Error

You face problems with Print head, if your printer’s print head, where the cartridges are inserted is not working properly, as your printer can’t recognize it. It also happens due to the accumulation of the ink in printer head, which further did not allow the printer to come in contact with the printhead. This is one of the major issue, as it is related with the printer’s Ink mechanism and can impact your work. This error also indicates towards the hardware failure and it might be the case that you have to replace your printer.

HP-Officejet-Pro- 6830

Causes of this problem are as follows:

  • The main cause of this error is that genuine cartridges are not used by you. Some people might go for the non-genuine cartridges refilled that are available at less prices, just to save money. This could harm you in long run, as this cheap quality of ink gets accumulated in nozzle and later blocks the way
  • The other major reason could be that you haven’t used your printer for long enough duration and it was left idle
  • This problem may also arise if the printer has not been connected with wall outlet directly. It is also possible that your printer is not getting the appropriate voltage which is required by it to operate, in case surge protector is what it is connected to. That is why it is recommended strongly to get your printer connected directly with wall outlet
  • Installing the cartridges in an incorrect way or printhead connected in an inappropriate way to printer, is the fourth reason why the printhead error occurs


Step 1:

Firstly, try to get the printer connected with wall outlet directly and in case the problem still persists then try following these steps:

  • Try performing Hard Reset first on printer
  • Take the printer’s power cable out and then hold the button of power by keep on pressing it for 60 seconds
  • Get the power cable attached back to it and try printing the report of Printer Status, for that
  • Go to the Set up First
  • Then to Report/Tools
  • And after that to the Printer Report Status

These steps will resolve your problem and if not then try following the next step.

Step 2:

  • Remove the cartridges and pull them out and then start cleaning the Golden/Metal contacts that are present at the cartridge’s backside and also where the cartridges are inserted
  • Use either a paper towel or lint free cloth for the cleaning purpose
  • Then insert the cartridges back and try printing the report of Printer Status
  • Go to the Set up First
  • Then to Report/Tools
  • And after that to the Printer Report Status

If the problem still persists then follow the third step.

Step 3:

  • n order to change the ink cartridges, get the cover opened first of all
  • After that get the power disconnected
  • Take off all the screws attached with inner top cover. Use start screwdriver or flathead screwdriver to get this done, ensure that it fits properly on the screws
  • Pull inner top cover gently and keep it aside, do not get the cables disconnected. Keep it aside, in order to have a clear view of printer’s internal parts
  • Look at the location of plastic tape carefully, because you have to fix it back in exact manner it was fixed
  • Now get location tape removed
  • Then take out the screws fitted in the base of print head
  • This will help you to take out the entire assembly, be it a bar or printhead, tilt it a bit and keep the cables connected to it
  • Use lint-free cloth to clean the printhead’s bottom
  • Now, by following the reverse steps of what exactly you followed, put back all the things back
  • Then plugin the power again
  • Turn the power On
  • Now go to the control panel of the printer and swipe left, then go to the HP Printer Support Maintenance or Setup and choose the Clean Printhead
  • Then get the printheads cleaned

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