Epson Printer Setup and Installation

Epson Printers contain several features that are unique among inkjet manufactures. Epson is a popular brand manufacturing various printers from inkjet to laser jet with different shapes, sizes, configurations etc. Epson printer can print any documents and photo from anywhere in home and office by using wireless technology. It provides an automatic two-sided printing feature. By using this feature you can save up to 50% on paper.  This Epson printer provides you a dual paper trays service of 500 paper capacity. It allows you to print or copy any documents without any interruptions at full speed. In order, to enjoy such features then you need to setup and installation its updated drivers/software.

Setup process for Epson printer

Given below are some steps to connect your Epson printers in windows. To start go to support main page then you have to select your product and go to manuals and click start here option.

  1. Firstly, download and install Epson connect printer setup utility.
  2. Then go to end user license agreement option then click next button.
  3. Click install option and then go to finish.
  4. You have to select your product and then click next button.
  5. Then select printer registration then click next button.
  6. Select agree and then click next.

You have to click ok when register a printer to Epson connect message comes.

  • You have to follow some steps:
  • If you want to create new account for that you have to fill Epson connect account form then click finish.
  • If you are creating new product with existing account then you have to select option saying I have account then you have to fill add new printer form and then click add button.
  • Then click close.
  • You have to activate scan to cloud and then remote print.

Steps to install Epson printer

Before installing you have to connect your printer to network and use it from computer.

  1. Switch on your printer.
  2. Then you have to go to Epson website and choose download and then you have to install Mac version of Epson printer.
  3. Click continue button.
  4. Click continue> Agree.
  5. And then click install> close.
  6. Then you have to select your printer and click next. If your window is not popping up then you have to install Epson printer by opening Finder>Application>Epson software>Epson connect printer setup.
  7. After this you have to choose printer registration and then click next>ok.
  8. You have scroll down the content and tick then on screen there will be written accept the terms and conditions and then click next button.
  9. You can also create new account or sign up with previous one.
  10. At last you have to click close.
  11. Update your Epson printer driver- Epson printer needs that your drivers should be work properly. If your driver is wrong then it will create problem. There are two ways to correct your driver.
  12. Manually- To correct your driver go to Epson support webpage there search your printer and then search your printer and find your drivers. When your drivers are correctly downloaded then you have to double click on downloaded file and then follow the steps for installing your driver.
  13. Automatically- Your driver can be easily installed if you don’t have time or computer skills.
  14. First step is to download and install your driver.
  15. Select driver and then click scan button. Then driver will scan computer and then your problem of driver will be solved.
  16. The correct version of driver gets install manually. You can also download automatically for that you need to install the correct version of driver which are outdated on your system.

Steps to connect Epson printer to WI-FI router

  1. Go to Epson printer setting and then open network connection option.
  2. Then choose network setup option.
  3. Select name for the WI-FI network and then enter your key.
  4. Epson printer gives choice to connect via WPS without entering a password for the network. After few seconds you need to press WPS button on the modem. If light on the modem’s front is changed then it means your Epson printer is linked to WPS.

Ways for connecting theEpson printer directly to the Wi-Fi Router

  1. Select wireless or WI-FI direct option on the Epson wireless printer.
  2. The device which you want to connect for that click on the wireless symbol.
  3. From network list choose wireless printer then you have to enter your printer’s password.

Technical support for Epson printer setup and installation

In case if you need any help you can call on toll-free helpline number, Epson technical support has experts; they will assist you to resolve your queries. Our experts can fix issues as well as set your printer in optimum settings for smooth functioning.  You can also visit the Epson printer official website. Users can also visit the Epson Printer service center available in your area.