Connecting Canon printer to the wireless network

Connect Canon Printer to Wifi

How to Connect Canon Printer To Wifi

Canon printer is one of the biggest companies in the printing industry. Canon printers are an ideal choice for every printing solution packed with a wide range of advanced features & functionalities. When a user buys a new canon printer He/she might get difficulty connecting their canon printer to the wireless network.

Method 1: Using WPS Method

1.      First, turn “ON” your printer.

2.      For the best signal, keep the router near your printer.

3.      Press the “Wi-Fi” button on your Canon printer and hold it until the light gets on.

4.      You need to wait for around 2 minutes.

5.      Then press the “WPS” button situated on the router. The blue light will be blinking until the network is found. Once the lights become still, then the wireless network will get connected.

6.      Print a test page to ensure that the device is working properly.

Method 2: Using the Standard Connection method

 For Network Settings:

1.      First, connect your computer to your Canon printer.

2.      Now, insert some papers to the input tray of your Canon printer.

3.      Click on the “Resume” or “Cancel” button and hold it for a while.

4.      Verify the connection status.

5.      Also, ensure that the network name is the same on your printer.

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Connect Wireless Canon Printer to Computer?

Once your Canon printer gets connected to the Wi-Fi, we will connect the printer to the PC using the given steps

1.       Press the “Windows” key together with the “R” key from your keyboard.

2.      Type “control

3.      Form window, Select “Devices and Printers

4.      Then click on “Add a printer” and go through the steps given on your screen.

Method for Connecting Canon Pixma Printer to Wi-Fi?

1.      Press and hold the device’s “Wi-Fi” button on the printer.

2.      Then the “Wi-Fi” button  should be released until “On lamp” flashes

3       After that you need to press and hold the “Black” button.

4.      Next, quickly tap the “Wi-Fi” button.

5.      Check the “Wi-Fi lamp” is flashing or not and also check the On lamp” is lit or not?

6.      Now, press the button on the “Wireless router”, now press it for at least 2 minutes.

7.      Now you should check that the “Wi-Fi lamp” is on.

8.      In case the alarm gets lit, then use “Troubleshooting”.

9.      Once, Canon Pixma Printer gets connected to the wifi, you can use it.

Troubleshooting steps if your Canon Printer won’t connect to Wi-Fi

If you don’t succeed in connecting your Canon printer to the Wi-Fi, there could be some printing issues that issue can be solved by given methods

Fix 1: Using Network “Trouble-shooter” utility to Detect Printer Issues

Windows have a built-in function called Troubleshooter to find and fix the issue.

1.      First, right-click on the icon of “Network”.

2.      Launch the “Network Troubleshooter”.

3.      Click on “Troubleshoot problems”.

4.      Wait for the troubleshooting process to begin.

5.      Once the process is successful, you will be notified.

Fix 2: Check Wireless Network Connectivity

1.      Check that your Wi-Fi network is working and the devices have been connected to it.

2.      There should be no restrictions on connectivity in your router settings.

3.      Check the internet speed. It has to be fast.

4.      The wifi network on your Canon printer must be turned on.

5.      Ensure that the wifi connection is not restricted on your device.

6.      See to it that the correct printer has been added to your device and set as the default one.

7.      Your system should not be in the “Airplane mode”.

8.      In the case of a wireless connection, the “Connect via wireless” option should be selected.

9.      The username and password of the wireless network should be correct.

Fix 3: Restart Wifi Network.

1.      Remove the power supply of your router and modem.

2.      Wait for a few seconds.

3.      Now, connect the router and modem with power supply.

4.      Turn on the devices and wait until LED lights to become stable.

5.      Now reboot your system and your Canon printer.

6.      Connect your Canon printer to the wireless network again.

 Fix 4: Check Canon Printer Driver

A faulty printer driver can cause hindrance in connecting canon printer to wifi

1.      You must have the correct printer driver and software versions on your System.

2.      If the version of the Canon printer driver is incorrect, uninstall and then reinstall it via the CD or official provided to fix any bugs.

3.      Keep the Canon printer driver updated.

4.      Restart your Canon printer and your system after the driver has been installed.

Help Desk

If you still face any issues you can get help from the canon Help desk team Or you can visit the official website for more information. For any online support, you can visit website.