Canon Printer Error Codes

Canon is a Japanese brand that has spread its wing all over the world now. Canon printers are also famous for producing the high- quality printers especially known for their reliability and affordability. However, it’s a machine and may face various issues and error codes may get displayed on the printer’s panel. With brilliant features, canon printer provide good quality prints. But not always printer is going to work without creating any problem.

Reasons behind canon printer error codes

There are many reasons which can cause problem while printing. Given below are some issues that people face while printing.

  1. There can be issue with your printer’s ink cartridge.
  2. Paper jam may occur.
  3. The wrong or faulty “Driver” may result in the various type of errors.
  4. There must be connection problem which can show error code message on your printer screen.
  5. Uninstalling or reinstalling the printer can also be reason of error code.
  6. The paper kept in paper tray may not be placed properly or wrong paper is used.
  7. The ink in your printer might be low so it needs to be changed.

Ways to fix canon printers error codes

  1. Check how many error codes are there-
  2. Take your manual book you have to find list of errors codes. If you don’t have manual book then check it online.
  3. Check support code, the error which you are getting. The error odes will be available in the manual book.
  4. You will get message next to the error code in the manual book.
  5. Check printer error- There are three types of error codes for printers.
  6. For printer setting errors- Go to run option. Then you will get small box in the lower left side corner of screen.
  7. In bar you have to type control panel option and click ok and also leave some space between the words.
  8. Click on OK button and you will there find box which will open many lists of numbers. Then click on view devices and printers.
  9. Then you need to go down and find your printer you can also click right button for many options. After clicking at right a small list will appear. Then select printing preferences option.
  10. For Paper Jam – You will find paper jam in the cartridge door of your printer. Jammed papers would be torn or crumpled.
  11. For ink cartridges- In your printer setting your will find type of cartridge and ink level. You have to follow same steps to find printer settings but in this you have to right click and select printer properties option.
  12. For printer settings- In printer setting adjust size of paper, quality of paper. After finishing the process you have to just click ok button.
  13. For paper jam- Switch on power button of your printer. After doing this open the ink cartridge tray to take out jammed paper from the printer.
  14. For ink cartridges- If ink is low then you need to replace your ink. Open the front door of canon printer and take out old ink cartridge from printer and insert new one.

Here are some common error codes of canon printer.

  1. Error code E02 (1000)- When this error occurs it means that paper inside the printer tray will not be able to go. To fix this issue keep paper in the tray and press ok button.
  2. Error code E03 (1300)- If paper is not getting out from the printer then you to take out jammed papers and also press ok button.
  3. Error code E03 (1251)- In case your paper tray get open then you have remove papers from printer and after removing papers you have to press ok button.
  4. Error code E05 (1401)-When ink cartridge is not installed properly then remove ink cartridge from printer and you need to install it again. If problem continues then there is problem with ink cartridge you need to change it.
  5. Error code E07 (1487)-When same color ink cartridge is installed then you have replace ink cartridge.
  6. Error code E08 (1700)-When ink becomes full then you have to reset the printer. The error will stop and you will be able to print.
  7. Error code E15 (1682)-When this type of error code comes on your printer screen then it means printer is not able to recognize your cartridge. To fix this issue you have to just check your cartridge is kept at right place or not.

Customer Assistance for canon printer error codes

You can also seek the help of Canon Printer Repair experts, a well-experienced team will analyze the problem/error and guide you step-by-step in resolving the persisting issue. You can also ask for assistance regarding the setup and product-related services.