Brother Printer Error Codes

Brother Printer is one of the famous brands among printers who is well known for its great quality and features. The users can print professional –quality CAD and GIS applications up to 44 inches on this printer. Brother printer also makes printing high –quality CAD drawings, sharing of files, collaborating with colleagues in a connected and mobile work environment possible in an efficient manner.  But sometimes it works badly and some error codes may display on the printer’s panel which hinder your printing tasks. In order to fix such error codes then you need to analyze their causes.

Causes behind Brother Printer error codes 

  1. If your brother printer displays error code message on printer screen then there must be problem with driver and printer cable. Switch off the printer and again make it on after sometime check whether error code message is showing or not.
  2. There must be hardware problem in your printer that’s why error message persists.
  3. Due to paper jam also printer may not work.
  4. There must be problem with print head.
  5. Scanner must be not working properly.
  6. The internal temperature must be too high/low.
  7. Ink to be changed as ink absorber pad is full.
  8. Level of battery is insufficient.
  9. There is no paper in the paper tray.
  10. Printing setting is not correct.

Ways to fix error codes in Brother Printer

  1. Printer Error Code: E50- This error shows break down due to fuser unit in the printer. There is fuser inside the machine. When there is some issue with printer then this error codes will arise. This can be because of excessive heat or there is no heat.

Solution-   Switch off your printer for some time and then turn it on.  For 10 minutes leave the printer and it will recover after few minutes and it will help in resetting the temperature of printer.

  • Printer Error E51- If this error is displayed on your printer screen then it means there is problem with laser unit of the printer. There is drum surface which helps in writing information.

Solution- In order to solve this issue again you have to turn the printer off and on the printer after sometime.

  • Printer Error 54- This printer error code means there is issue with main motor of the printer. Main motor in the printer is only responsible for making all other functions of the printer work.

Solution- Firstly you have to switch off the printer and on again. If problem still continues then switch on the printer and check the motor. If your motor is working then change the toner unit and your problem will be solved. If still there is some issue change the main motor of the printer.

  • Printer Error E60- This error indicates problem with fan of the printer. There are four cooling fans placed inside the printer if one of the fan stops working then error code will display on your printer.

Solution-   You have to Switch off the printer and switch on it again. This will make printer error free.

  • Change PF Kit– If you find your printer having this error code then it means paper rollers and separation pads have finished their cycle of living. It means paper feed kit has to be changed and you may face problem with paper jam in the printer.

Solution- You have to talk to printer helpdesk team and change the paper feed kit.

  • Printer error code 20, 21, 22, 23 – This printer error code shows laser failure on the printer. The work of laser is to write information which has to be printed on drum surface and then error will show that one of the drum is not working.

Solution– To get free from this problem turn off your printer and then back on again. If your problem still continues, then it will show that the laser unit has to be changed.

  • Image Rate Error– This problem is very common in the printer and it arises when the speed of the printer are not at range of label.

Solution- To solve this printer issue you have to change the print speed settings. Press ‘Continue’ button to clear all the errors and you can also increase the number of image.

  • Printer takes long time to print- Working of slow printer is very common issue which is caused by high settings or when there is memory issue.

Solution – To solve this problem you have to select draft option, click on normal mode. When presentations are displayed then you have to go to high quality option.

Customer Assistance for error codes in Brother Printer

In case you still encounter error codes while printing then you can go to Brother Printer expert team for help. You can also use Brother’s virtual assistance for more information about the error.